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Student Notice

Certificate will be issued within 1 business day of course completion.




Earn 8-12 dollars per successful referral, (Avg $10.)

How it works?

    1. Register to be an affiliate marketer for us by clicking the button below.
    2. We will send you a unique code for customers to use at discount. This entitles them to a discounted price and entitles you to a 45% commission. The key to success is making sure you share your code widely on social media (Blogs, Facebook, Youtube), plus to family and friends so that as many people sign up as possible using your code!
    3. Once registered we will provide you with a link to track how many times your code was used with a purchase, and at the end of each month we will calculate your commission total and pay you!
    Requirements -A Paypal or Bank Account to receive payment.