Chinese Z Visa Requirements

The Z visa is the legal visa required to be obtained by foreigners who are going to China for a teaching position.

To apply for a Z working visa you require:

  • A BA or MA degree from USA, UK, South Africa, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand or Australia.
  • Passport
  • A clean background check

Additionally -

  • Depending on experience you may require a TEFL certification also. A TEFL can be obtained below

Document legalization

All documents need to be legalised by the Chinese embassy in your home country. This differs country to contry however it typically involves your documents going through a 3 step process.

  1. Notarisation by a public notary.
  2. Legalised by a governmental body.
  3. Authenticated by the Chinese Embassy.

We can do it for you....

Just send us a facebook message or email stating what documents you have and where you are at in the process to and receive a quotation back.