Accredited 120 Hour TEFL Course Details

120 Hour Advanced TEFL

Course Details

The Basics

Average course completion time – 2 weeks

Pass rate – 98%

Tuition Fee: R219.00

How Can A TEFL Course Help Me?

  • Certify new teaching abilities
  • TEFL teachers can earn up to $3000 a month teaching online or $5000 a month teaching abroad
  • Gain a lifetime qualification
  • Enhance your CV


We have  NO requirements as to who can enroll on our course. We believe the opportunity to become a qualified English teacher should be open to all.

Course Layout

Sequenced Modules
There are 11 Modules in the course, each divided into Sections. We feel it’s best for you to tackle the Modules in order as we have strived to ensure that the Modules build on each other in progression.
Course Format

We don’t want to make a big issue about assessment. What we want you to do is to focus well on absorbing the content, and the assessments will take care of themselves. However, it’s only right to tell you what will happen:
At the end of each Module, there will be a Quiz. Each Quiz consists of 15 questions, covering the relevant Module in a mix of multiple-choice and true/false questions.
At the end of the Conclusion, there will be a Final Assessment, which will be in a similar format to the previous Quizzes. It will contain 50 questions.
In total, therefore, there will be 215 questions. So, this is a very substantial and robust assessment process.
Note this: we will not be trying to catch you out. All answers are in the text. We want all of you to pass!

Language in the Course
We’ve kept the language in the course as plain and simple as possible – just as you should do when teaching EFL. There are no prizes for teachers who use fancy language when teaching EFL. It’s all about communication via plain and simple language.

We have included lots of activities which you can carry out with your learners, so you’ll be ready to roll from Day 1 in your new job.

TEFL Universal Accreditation

All our courses are accredited by Accreditat:

Sample Certificate


This module covers everything you need to teach English as a foreign language, and provides a detailed general overview of the basics of teaching English. It acts as the foundation for the entire course.

By the end of this module, you’ll understand the characteristics that are required to effectively teach ESL to students. We understand that teaching for the first time can be intimidating – it won’t be at the end of module 2!

A good teacher needs to know what a student needs to succeed. In this module you will gain vital knowledge into delivering the most appropriate lessons for your audience.

English can be extremely challenging to learners, and sometimes as a teacher we can forget these challenges! In this module we help break down the teaching process to effectively communicate more challenging aspects.

Now that you understand the challenges and foundation concepts of TEFL, you’ll be familiar with grammatical terms and know when to utilise them. Watching your students progress will be a proud moment!

Is there anything more useful than being fully fluent in a foreign language? Teach your students how to listen, speak, write and read so that they can communicate with one another in different aspects. With the modern world changing, being able to read and write English online has become equally as important as listening and speaking.

Being a great teacher isn’t just being an effective communicator. ‘The best teachers are prepared teachers’ and this statement never rings so true as when teaching the English language. By the end of this module, you’ll understand exactly how to plan your lesson so it works like clockwork.

It’s not just words that teach a classroom. Paralinguistics is the formal term for aspects of spoken communication that do not involve words. This term encompasses such elements as body language, gestures, mime, facial expressions, and tone and pitch of the voice. If your students don’t understand what you’re saying, they’ll pick up the meaning from your paralinguistic cues instead.

Every teacher’s worst nightmare? Surely, it’s an unruly classroom? Don’t worry – Module 9 has a variety of concepts to ensure your lessons are stimulating, yet smooth.

Combining what you have learned in the course already will be essential for succeeding with younger students. This module is a great example of where everything comes together to show how far you have come.

Can TEFL Universal Help Me Find Employment?

We have partnerships with a selection of schools online and abroad. Our dedicated recruitment team is always on hand to answer questions.


All of our TEFLs are top quality accredited qualifications which have helped our students gain high level teaching and education positions. We aim to give our students the best opportunity to succeed in the world of ESL and love to watch our TEFL students grow.

Teaching is the most popular job due to the nature of our course! We are able to find a huge number of teaching positions for our students through our in house recruitment team and regularly place teachers at online and offline teaching positions.

Your certificate is a lifetime qualification, it never expires.

It’s not, as long as you take the time to read the content! All the answers are in the course – there are no trick questions!

TEFL jobs pay very well. Online teachers make up to $3000 a month, whilst offline teachers can make up to $5000 a month.

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